Zeeburgerdijk 25V
1093 SK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Jos Klarenbeek is an independent designer and researcher whose work explores the intersection of mathematics, science and design. Both through personal projects and commissioned work, his approach brings the precision of a mathematical mind together with a focus on materials and craftsmanship, resulting in designs that convey intricate stories and complex narratives rooted in data.

Jos embraces an interdisciplinary approach, seeking to connect various fields and offer a fresh perspective on data visualisation. In recent years, his work has prominently featured textiles and weaving, in which woven textiles are viewed as binary matrices composed of ones and zeros.

Next to his own practice he is a freelance designer specialized in programming, 3d-modeling, technical weaving and product development. He is currently a teacher in technical jacquard weaving at the Royal Academy of the Arts in the Hague.

Photography by William Mallender