100% Pure New Zealand Wool

Photography Jannick Pihl Rasmussen

The Echo rug is a handwoven flat weave crafted from 100% pure New Zealand wool.

The rug is meticulously handwoven by skilled artisans using an 8-shaft threading repeat, incorporating about 150 single warp threads and 40 single weft threads. This weaving technique results in a rhythmic “echo” effect that skilfully balances structure and pattern.

Both the warp and weft consist of bundles of three fine two-ply New Zealand woollen yarns alternated with thicker felted New Zealand woollen yarns.

The rug is available in six different colourways.

More info

"Over the past few years, textiles, especially the technical facets of weaving, have taken on an important role in my work. I approach weaving from a technical and mathematical perspective; to me, a woven textile is a matrix composed of ones and zeros.

I find great inspiration in the loom as a machine, which serves as a precursor to the modern computer.

I acquired an analog industrial loom from the 1950’s, which I transformed into a digitally programmable machine with DIY electronics. By doing so it allowed me to experiment and dive deeper into the endless possibilities of shaft weaving. In particular the techniques of “network threading” and its belonging binding patterns, which work well within the realm of 8 to 32 shafts. A technique of which its background knowledge is often found in older books.

The technique allows to weave curves, waves, noise and interlaced diagonals, stepping away from more traditional techniques of standard threading and block weaving. The Echo rug is a result of years of experimentation with this technique and applied in a dual system of a thicker and thinner yarn in both warp and weft."